Adela King – Net Worth, Biography, Ladies of London

Adela King is the true modern woman, redefining herself a hundred times to be the person that she wants to be, overcoming hundreds of roadblocks in between.

By no means a self-proclaimed guru, reality star Adela King instead made her mark with success and constant growth.

She defied her low expectations by creating her own company and brand, recreating herself as a fashion icon, and all while rising above addiction, her difficult relationship (everyone has heard about Adela King divorce), and her challenges as a mother to two beautiful children.

What’s truly great about Adela King is that she stumbled so many times along the way and proved that there can be life after even the worst mistakes.

Years later, by overcoming so many stumbling blocks, she has now become a stable business icon as reality star Adela King – net worth of $5.8 million, not an easy feat to achieve.

Adela King – Net Worth, Ladies of London

Adela King became known on season 3 of Ladies of London when she came on board as a longtime friend of the show’s acknowledged Queen B, Caroline Stanbury. Caroline Stanbury was clearly ready to have her close, personal friend in the show with her, which turned out to be such a hugely great success as Adela King brought so much fun but also a much-needed dose of sincerity and realness.

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As a reality star, fashion designer, fashion model, and after she created the successful maternity line, 9 London, and her signature thigh-high boot line, Adela King’s net worth is estimated at $5.8 million.

Adela King’s Early Life

From the start, Adela King had a colorful life and moved from country to country before she settled in London, England. Adela King was born on October 23, 1973, in Costa Rica.

Adela then moved to Florida, then Hong Kong, then Singapore before finally moving back to London, where she attended Heathfield boarding school.

Adela King – Children, Marriage, and Divorce

Adela King lived through her fair share of challenges that weren’t initially obvious as she came on board in the third season of Ladies of London. She was bubbly, funny, with “big boobs and big hair,” as the showrunners described her. She added a spark to Ladies of London, a bit of je ne sais quoi, as the French would call it, that special something that cannot be named.

That’s why it surprised audiences to find out later in the show that Adela King had been through tough times, and quite a few. She was very outspoken and blunt in the show about her marriage, subsequent divorce, separation from her children, and how these things affected her deeply.

Adela and Chester King

Not many details are known about the marriage and divorce of Adela and Chester King, but we know from the things that she shares in the show that a lot of the difficulty of their marriage was due to her alcoholism and addiction.

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While Adela and Chester King are now divorced, the two share two children, both under the full custody of Adela King’s ex-husband. They were together for 20 years.

Who is Adela King Ex-Husband?

Adela and Chester King were married for 20 years – married for 17 and divorcing for 3. Chester King is the CEO of the global company International eGames Group. Chester King’s family’s net worth is $45 million to $150 million per year.

Adela King’s Downward Spiral

Part of Adela King’s appeal is her total openness and honesty, even in the show Ladies of London. When she became known in season 3, we found out that this beautiful and successful lady had at one time in her life attempted suicide.

She said, “When you’re in it, the darkness is so bad you just can’t see the light.” The fashion designer and model also says that her openness regarding her divorce and attempt at taking her life has helped her deal with her difficulties. 

Thigh High Boots Line Called Adela King Boots

As Adela King became known on the show to us, she was also able to branch out with her talents, trying out her skills as a fashion designer and model at the age of 42, and was hugely successful! She didn’t stop at Ladies of London and even created her own line called Adela King boots worn by the ladies in the show.

These thigh-high boots have become so synonymous with Adela that the signature line is called Adela King boots. Her boot line remains highly sought after and is gaining popularity even beyond her usual audience of adult women.

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Maternity Business – 9 London

Adela King didn’t stop at her boot line. She also created a successful maternity line called 9 London. The Maternity business 9 London was also a hit and catered to the same audience that Adela King feels close to, as a mother herself.

Adela King FAQs

What is Adela King’s net worth?

Adela King’s net worth is estimated at $5.8 million.

Was Adela King married?

No, Adela and Chester King were married for 20 years, but they divorced.

Who was Adela King’s husband?

Chester King, CEO of International eGames Group.

When did Adela King join Ladies of London?

She became known on season 3 of Ladies of London. She was a longtime friend of season regular Caroline Stanbury.

Is Adela King a fashion designer?

Yes, Adela King is a fashion designer, model, and businesswoman.

What are Adela King’s fashion lines and brands?

She created the Adela King boot line, her signature thigh-high boots, and she also created a successful maternity wear line called 9 London.

Where was Adela King born?

Adela King was born in Costa Rica on October 23, 1973

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