Chris Gronkowski – Net Worth, Wife (Brittany), Ice Shaker, Biography

American football player Chris Gronkowski is a former NFL player and a successful entrepreneur. Since his brothers are also athletes, it is clear that sports run in this family, so today we are going to tell you more about Chris Gronkowski net worth, wife, biography, family, and more, stay tuned.

Chris Gronkowski – Early Life

The famous NFL player was born on December 26, 1986, in Buffalo, New York. We can say that Gronkowski family is all about sports, his great-grandfather was a member of the Olympic cycling team in 1924, his father, Gordon, was also into college football and played as an offensive guard, and three of his four brothers also have an NFL career.

College Football Days

After finishing high school in Williamsville, North, the University of Maryland offered this Gronkowski brother a football scholarship to play as a fullback. In 2007 he transferred to the University of Arizona, and as a sophomore, he played as a linebacker. He ended his college football career by starting 15 of 26 games, 12 receptions for 218 yards, 3 touchdown receptions, and 2 carries.

Quick Facts

  • Full name: Christopher Michael Gronkowski,
  • Age: 35,
  • Birthplace: Buffalo, NY,
  • Profession: American football player,
  • Chris Gronkowski’s height: 6′ 2″, (1.88 m),
  • Weight: 239 lbs (108 kg),
  • Girlfriend: wife Brittany Bieber,
  • Estimated net worth: $1.5 million.
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The Beginning of Chris Gronkowski Career and His NFL Debut

In 2007 Chris Gronkowski signed with Dallas Cowboys and had his NFL debut in a game against Chicago Bears. That was also when he scored the first touchdown in his NFL career. He caught a pass from Tony Romo and scored his first touchdown, but later that season, Chris missed a blitz pickup and bumped into Romo, after which Romo ended up with a fracture and had to end his career. After Anderson was released from Dallas Cowboys, Gronkowski got a position of a full-time starter at fullback the same year.

Indianapolis Colts

In 2011, this American football player signed for Indianapolis Colts, but soon he injured himself and was placed on a reserve list.

Denver Broncos

In 2012 this NFL player went to Denver Broncos, and as an exchange, cornerback Cassius Vaughn went to Indianapolis Colts. Gronkowski only stayed one season with the Denver Broncos and had 14 game appearances as a backup. He played alongside quarterback Peyton Manning.

San Diego Chargers

Chris Gronkowski career ended with the San Diego Chargers, they signed him in April 2013, but due to a severe ankle injury, he decided to retire in August same year.

Gronkowski Family – Raising Champions With Successful NFL Career(s)

Gordon Gronkowski seems to be raising champions since 4 of his 5 sons have an NFL career. The only Gronkowski brother who did not play in the NFL is Gordie Jr. He is a professional baseball player. The other four, Chris, Glenn, Dan, and Rob, all have an NFL history. The most successful Gronkowski brother is Rob, who established himself as a premier tight end in the NFL with the New England Patriots. Rob has won two Super Bowl championships.

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The youngest Gronkowski brother, Glenn, played with Buffalo Bills before he signed with the New England Patriots. He played together with his brother Rob when New England Patriots defeated Atlanta Falcons at the 2017 Super Bowl. New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski retired in 2019, and Rob Gronkowski’s net worth is also worth looking at.

Is Chris Gronkowski Married?

In 2015 Chris and his girlfriend Brittany Bieber finally said, “I do”, and they now have three sons, so we will see if the next generation of Gronkowski brothers will be successful as this one.

The Rise of Chris Gronkowski’s Net Worth – Ice Shaker

Once he became a part of NFL history, Chris started thinking about other ways to start earning more and providing for his family. That is why in 2017, he founded Ice Shaker. A company focused on producing stainless steel bottles. Alex Rodriguez and Marc Cuban also invested in Ice Shaker, and in the first 6 months, he sold $80k worth of bottles, so that certainly helped increase his estimated net worth.

Chris Gronkowski Net Worth Revealed

Wonder who is the richest football player in the Gronkowski family? Although many would like to compare the estimated net worth of Chris to that of former New England Patriot player, we won’t reveal Rob Gronkowski’s net worth here. But when it comes to Chris, his estimated net worth is certainly impressive. Maybe he did not win a Super Bowl, but he did make several clever moves, so this American football player started earning more after his career was over. Currently, Chris Gronkowski net worth is around $1.5 million.

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That’s All We Have on Chris Gronkowski Net Worth, Biography, and Family

That’s a wrap on this Gronkowski brother. Chris Gronkowski career was full of ups and downs, from his college football days and NFL debut with Dallas Cowboys till the very end. He might not be the richest football player, but he is certainly rich when it comes to family and is now raising champions just like his father did. The Gronkowski brothers certainly left a mark in NFL history, and we are patiently waiting for the next generation of Gronkowski’s to have their NFL debut.

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