Jen Shah: Net Worth, Personal Life, Career, And More

Jen Shah is one of the famous television personalities in America. She is not an actress by profession but has recently entered the industry. You may know her because of her appearance on The Real American Housewives of Salt Lake City.

If you are looking to learn more about her life and career, your search ends now. Here is everything you need to know about Jen Shah.

Jen Shah Net Worth

Jen Shah is one of the wealthiest housewives on the reality show with a net worth of $3 million. According to her, she has earned her fortune by marketing ventures. However, reports say otherwise, especially since the star has been arrested.

It was revealed on her reality show that she has been arrested. There are alleged reports that Jen Shah earned her fortune by committing fraud. While she refused the accusations, the court still has not given its decision. Thus, it is expected that Jen Shah’s net worth might decrease significantly.

Jen Shah Height, Weight, And Age

The television personality was born on 4th October 1973. So her age right now is 48 years. She has a height of 5’4 inches and is considered tall. Shah has also maintained a fit physique throughout her life.

As per reports, her weight is in the range of 55 kgs to 61 kgs. This is the appropriate value for a woman her age. That is why Jen Shah is considered healthy in terms of her body mass.

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How Much Does Jen Shah Make A Year?

The yearly salary of Jen Shah is unknown because it has not been revealed how much she earns per episode. However, you can expect her annual income to be more than at least a hundred thousand dollars.

Besides that, Shah is also a married woman and relies on her husband too. His annual salary is $450,000 as per reports. However, if we take bonuses into account, Jen’s husband earns about $500,000 per year.

What Does Jen Shah Do For A Living?

Jen Shah became famous when the new season of The Real American Housewives of Salt Lake City started. The reality show is about the work and personal lives of six different women.

Before entering the entertainment business, Shah worked as an entrepreneur. She has been in the marketing industry for more than twenty years. This is where most of her fortune came from.

Currently, she is still in the marketing business. Her work involves doing print campaigns, making infomercials, and much more.

Jen Shah Early Life

Shah was born in Salt Lake City and is an American by nationality. Her father was a rugby player and passed away in 2018. The tv star has mixed ethnicity. She is Tongan, Hawaiian, and Chinese to some extent.

Besides that, she has five siblings and has two kids as well. Jen is married to an NFL coach and has happy marital life.

Jen Shah Career Accomplishments & Awards

The star has entered the showbiz business recently, which is why she does not have any awards. Her most recent accomplishment is being starred in a television show. Besides that, her achievements in the marketing industry are not known.

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