Pablo Escobar’s Daughter: Net Worth, Personal Life, Career, And More

Pablo Escobar was the most famous drug lord in Colombia during the 90s. He was called King of Cocaine and was notorious in many ways. People have been so fascinated by his life that Netflix even made a series on it.

The drug lord left quite the legacy since his net worth when he died was $30 billion. Besides that, he had two children as well. One of them is a son who many people are aware of.

However, the drug kingpin also has a daughter who is called Manuela Escobar. If you’re looking to learn more about her, you’re in the right place. Below is the latest information about Pablo Escobar’s daughter.

Pablo Escobar Daughter’s Net Worth

When the drug lord died, he left a fortune of $30 billion to his family. Escobar’s wife, daughter, and son got hold of the money. However, their lavish lifestyle didn’t last long due to the family’s involvement in crimes.

Manuela’s mother and brother got into improper dealings and were arrested. With that, their fortune and net worth also went down. Currently, Escobar’s daughter is the only one in his family without a criminal record.

It is known that Manuela works a job and earns money honestly. Her net worth in 2020 was suggested to be $7 million. However, that was just rumors and speculation. Currently, she has a net worth of more than $600,000 only.

Pablo Escobar Daughter’s Height, Weight, And Age

Manuela Escobar has a height of 170 cm, which is the perfect size for a woman her age. She was born on 25 May 1984 and was loved by her father a lot. Currently, she is thirty-seven years old and presumed to be living in Argentina.

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Besides that, Escobar’s daughter weighs about 60 kgs. This is the average weight for a girl her age. So physically, Manuela is a healthy and fit person.

How Much Does Pablo Escobar’s Daughter Make A Year?

It is known that Pablo Escobar’s daughter is working a job to make ends meet. However, there is no information about the industry she is working in. Besides that, there are no details about her exact salary as well.

Manuela Escobar is a private person and avoids going out much. This is understandable as her family background isn’t exactly clean.

Pablo Escobar Daughter’s Early Life?

Manuela was the beloved of her father primarily because she was his only daughter. By the time of her birth, the drug lord was making about $70 million each day. That is why her daughter was not deprived of anything.

It is said that while on the run from authorities, Escobar burnt a stack of $2 million. People believe that it was to keep his daughter warm during the chilly night.

Final Words

That was all you needed to know about Pablo Escobar’s daughter. Nowadays, she goes by the name of Juana Pablo. To date, she is the only person in the drug lord’s family who does not have a criminal record.

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